About Us

Here at MSL, we thrive on helping others like you enhance your image and online presence to help reach your business goals. We do so by creating a strong message that resonates at the core of your consumers hearts with every menu, business card, and social media post. We are committed to one thing: Growth. Growth within ourselves and the growth of your business.

Consumer preferences and technology are constantly evolving. At MS Lobo, we help the businesses we partner with stay ahead of the curve.  Our company is committed to learn and growing to be at the forefront of every change.

We are not like most marketing agencies offering only digital marketing services. At MS Lobo, we provide traditional marketing services that connects your unified business image from all angles. Our services will help tie your company image to the appearance of your business, brand, products/services, and social media.

Running a small local business isn’t easy. There are lots of expenses involved and at times you can barely make it to come out even. This is especially true right now, during the COVID-19 pandemic; With the current state of the economy, a lot of small local businesses choose to outsource and buy their marketing materials online, because it appears to be cheaper. This isn’t always true, and many of these businesses end up sending their money to a different city, state, or even country!

We believe in keeping our tax dollars local, which is why we offer the same price as online services or sometimes better. It’s important to keep our local money local and in turn, help our community thrive.

We are relationship-driven, and customer service is our top priority. This is what sets us apart and defines COMMUNITY.

Our Amazing Team

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Pedro Madriz

Owner and Founder​

Pedro Madriz has worked as a freelance marketing consultant for over 10 years and in the cell phone industry for over 7 years, observing and learning how consumers use their cell phones and where their attention is. Having access to thousands of consumers devices and seeing what apps they use most, why they choose to use those apps, and how they use their phone has given him an edge and vast knowledge on how to capture their attention and convert it into action. 

Ariel Huerta

Sales Manager/Business Advisor

Ariel Huerta has just under 10 years of sales consulting experience. He thrives to create relationships with each one of his clients and always pushes to meet and exceed his personal, as well as his professional, goals in life.

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