5 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

1) Create a Website

In this digital age, you need a secure online presence. Virtualization is rapidly growing to the point where most customers will visit a company’s website before using their product or service. Websites are essential to establishing your credibility and presenting to your target audience that you are a legitimate organization.

Your website will also function as a way to showcase your brand. Through a website, a consumer can easily learn more about the company’s mission, accomplishments, and what you represent. Consumer’s can draw the brand’s personality from the style and language of the website, this will set you apart from your competitors.

Websites are investments but no matter what industry you are in, they will result in countless benefits. With a website, you will gain organic traffic and allow potential consumer’s quick and easy access to contacting you or purchasing your service. 

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2) Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a way to increase visibility of your website for relevant searches. Optimizing the searches for your website is a beneficial marketing strategy. This is because instead of outbound advertising to customer’s who are uninterested, SEO involves allowing consumers who are interested in your service, reaching out to you. 

This can be a complicated process, but there are some basics that are worth learning while growing your business. 

  • Define what your product/service provides. Is it local? What consumer needs does it meet?
  • Determine what your customers are searching for– In search engines, what key words do customers type in while searching for a service to satisfy their needs? 
  • Optimize your website with your target words– Emphasize the most common words used in search engines throughout your website. It is also important to note that if your company name has many abbreviations or different brands, to optimize your website with all these potential searches.
  • Evaluate your SEO strategic plan– Search engines run on an algorithm that is constantly evolving. It is important to evaluate the success of your SEO and make changes accordingly and consistently to stay relevant.

3) Establish an Email Newsletter

Sometimes your website will not be attracting as much organic traffic as you’d like. Sending out Email newsletters is a cheap way of advertising your business and attracting visitors to your website.

An email newsletter draws attention from consumers back to your company. Newsletters can be informational and/or extend exclusive deals with discounts. This gives you an opportunity to explain your product’s benefits and communicate directly to your customer. 

Establishing regular email newsletters can easily increase your social media presence. You can do this by attaching links to your social media pages. This way, consumers have easy access to your different media platforms, and you have better reach to them.

Newsletters function as an easy way to drive sales especially because the people who signed up for your newsletter are already potentially interested in your product/service. Take advantage of your pre-established customer base by using this low-cost way of direct marketing.


4) Ask for Reviews!

How often do you purchase something without first looking at its online reviews? It is hard to get your business off the ground with a small customer base. Word-of-mouth goes a long way towards attracting potential customers. 

Once you have provided your good or service to a customer, ask if they would be willing to give you a review. Good reviews will distinguish your organization from others and will create legitimacy for your business.

Aside from customer engagement, reviews can personally help you monitor your customer’s satisfaction. You want to satisfy your customer’s needs and be a reliable company for those who choose to do business with you. Ask for reviews and take note what consumers perceive your company is doing right, and what you could do better.

5) Write Thank-You Notes

Thank-you notes are a sign of gratitude for your customer. Although this business etiquette is not necessary for all business industries, after spending a valuable amount of time and effort working with a customer, sometimes the situation may call for it.

There are different types of thank you notes that depend on your relationship with the receiver, and the situation. Emailed thank-you notes are a casual way of sending gratitude but can be less personal than hand-written notes. In a society where we are increasingly becoming more and more isolated from each other, thank-you notes are often being skipped over. 

If thank you notes are not expected, why should you write them? Thank you notes can differentiate you from competition. Taking the time to express your appreciation with thank-you notes can strengthen your business relationships and demonstrate to customers your attention to detail.


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